People Are Joking About the White Horse’s Great Hair on ‘Game of Thrones’


Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Game of Thrones fans are obsessed with small details. Sometimes they're important and telling about the plot, other times they just make you laugh. Last night's penultimate episode of the series gave us the latter, with a dramatic scene featuring Arya Stark and a horse…with some fabulous hair.

After everything in King's Landing has burned to dust thanks to Daenerys, a very distraught Arya looks up to find a conveniently placed white horse. In a slow-motion scene, she approaches him and rides off. There were plenty of theories about what the horse actually was or represented. Was it a ghost horse? A random horse? Or was it a symbol of hope that Arya leapt astride?

Whatever the horse meant, people couldn't help but notice how well-styled the horse's platinum mane was. It had bangs, shine, and piece-y layers, honey.

If you were impressed, you're not alone. Twitter had tons of people noting the mysterious horse has better hair than them:

Our favorite Thrones reviewer, comedian Leslie Jones, got in on the joke—in a way that might hold the answer to the horse's identity. Jones noted that the horse fronting the Golden Company (RIP) at the start of the episode had fantastic hair.

"Here comes this motherfucker riding in on a horse. Lookin' like the horse just got his hair done, look at that fuckin' bang," she says. "That horse's hair is whipped. Okay?" Could she have solved the mystery of this mane event?

No matter how disappointing of an ending Game of Thrones seems to be headed toward, one thing we'll all certainly miss are the memes.

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