Xseed slammed for “terrible” policy of only crediting current members of staff in its games


Xseed has been heavily criticised for its policy of only crediting current members of staff.

The US company, which focuses on localising and publishing Japanese games, was slammed on social media after it emerged a former localisation producer was removed from the credits of the PlayStation 4 releases of the Cold Steel games.

Brittany Avery took to Twitter to express her understandable disappointment.

Then, in response, Xseed tweeted to explain its stance, saying: "We have never credited staff for their individual roles, or if they have left the company."

This tweet sparked a backlash from the video game development community, which has long criticised publishers who fail to credit staff who worked on games but left before they shipped. Here's a snippet of the response:

As you'd expect, there are strong calls for Xseed to change its policy and patch its Cold Steel PS4 games to ensure all staff who worked on them are credited. The incident also raises the ongoing debate around unionisation for video game developers. (This debate has so far revolved around the US, but there is a drive to unionise game development in the UK, too.)

Back in 2011 it emerged over 100 L.A. Noire staff members were not credited for their work on the game. Workers whose contracts were severed prior to the end of L.A. Noire's production discovered they were not listed in the game's end credits or manual.

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