Supermassive’s second Dark Pictures Anthology horror Little Hope out this summer

Supermassive Games has unleashed a brand-new trailer for Little Hope, its second Dark Pictures Anthology horror instalment, which is now confirmed to be launching this "summer". Little Hope is the sta..

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 delayed until June

Epic is extending Fortnite's current season, which was initially due to wrap up at the end of this month, by around five weeks. Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 2 was originally planned to concl..

Steam’s Game Festival returns this summer with more demos of upcoming games

Fledging online gaming event The Game Festival, which enables players to try out demos of upcoming indie games, will be returning to Steam this summer, plugging the calendar gap vacated by this year&#..

Iron Danger is a cross between Lord of the Rings and Adobe Premiere

I flip-flop constantly on whether or not Iron Danger is a good name for a video game. I'm coming around to the idea that it is. It totally is. On one hand, it doesn't really make much sense...

New Resident Evil 3 Remake patch boosts Xbox One X performance

A story with a happy ending? You bet! When we first took a look at Resident Evil 3 Remake's playable, we were impressed by another storming technological showcase for Capcom's excellent RE E..

Meet the Final Fantasy 14 players who marry in the game – and in...

It all starts with a ritual called the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, a special rite of passage for two individuals who wish to pledge to each other a lifetime of devotion in massively multiplayer onlin..

I wish Call of Duty: Modern Warfare let me play the maps I want...

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it feels like the monetisation lever pullers at publisher Activision have finally found a system that is both good for business and players. But there's one asp..

As Fallout 76’s big new Wastelanders update moves in, some player camps will have...

Fallout 76's big new update, Wastelands, launches next week, and with it comes sweeping changes to the game. NPCs, story, new quests and new locations are all set to significantly change virtual ..

Just Cause 4 is free on the Epic Games Store next week

Just Cause 4 is free on the Epic Games Store next week. Avalanche Studios' 2018 open world blow 'em up is free from 16th to 23rd April. And it may well be worth a pickup, too. "Likeably scra..

Infinity Ward adds trios back into Call of Duty: Warzone following backlash

Infinity Ward has added trios back into Call of Duty: Warzone after players complained about its removal alongside the arrival of quads this week. Warzone received a quads mode, which lets four player..

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Devolverland Expo is a free first-person “marketing simulator” set in an abandoned E3

Publisher Devolver has done something a little different to market its upcoming games this year - it's released a first-person "marketing simulator" for free on Steam. Devolverland Expo is set wi..

Gruesome reverse horror game Carrion has a July release date

The promising-looking Carrion comes out 23rd July on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The release date was announced during the Devolver Digital show - with a little help from Xbox boss Phil Spencer...

Shadow Warrior 3 looks like ninja Doom

Publisher Devolver has shown off gameplay for Shadow Warrior 3 during its digital showcase. Polish studio Flying Wild Hog's latest looks to me like ninja Doom, with a grappling hook and plenty of..