PIQO Smart Mini Projector Review A 1080p Projector For Your Pocket

The PIQO Smart Mini Projector offers quite a bit. It is a 1080p image at up to 240″. It is a powerful travel projector with 200 lumens output in a body that is a tiny cube measuring about 2″ x 2″. It’..

JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter, Flashlight and Power Bank Review

There are a few things that are a must for the boot of your car or truck. You should at least have a first aid kit and a good pair of jumper cables. The only problem is that the jumper cables can be b..

iClever Outdoor Smart Plug Review

I’ve never bothered to put up Christmas lights outside because it’s too much of a hassle. I just picture myself with like 20 extension cords and a ball of wired light hung chaotically until the whole ..

Timeflip2 Interactive Time Tracker Helps You Manage Time

There are only so many hours in a day and you only have so much energy right? So you need to manage your time. You need to get all of your work done plus all of life’s other little chores and if you a..

How To Program a Dish Network Remote: Using Your Remote with a New Device

Did you just get a new device like a TV or Blu-Ray player? What about a new Dish Network remote control or receiver? If you did, then you’ll need to program your Dish Network remote so that it can con..

A $2 Wireless Emitter Can Beat SimpliSafe’s Home Security System

Here is some news that users of SimpliSafe’s latest home security system are not going to like. It looks like it can be fooled by a simple $2 wireless emitter that mimics the frequency of the door and..

Acer Nitro XF2 Series Gaming Monitors Are Fast

Gamers are always looking for the best gaming monitor to give them an added edge against the competition and Acer’s new Nitro XF2 Series monitors will deliver both smooth gameplay and amazingly high s..

Defender 4K Wired Security System Review

Your family is the most important thing in the world, so naturally, you want to make sure that they are protected and that means you want the best home security system you can get. The Defender 4K Wir..

Scout Video Doorbell Review

We should all take home security seriously. And along with getting the very best home security system for the inside of your home, you also need some cameras on the outside. The Scout Video Doorbell i..

DISH Activates Google Assistant On Hopper Receivers

If you are a DISH customer who has been waiting patiently for Google Assistant, we have some good news for you. DISH has been rolling out a software update on their Hopper receivers that will allow yo..

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