Jennifer Carroll Foy Wants to Be the First Black Woman Governor in America

In January, Jennifer Carroll Foy helped end nearly 50 years of inaction on the Equal Rights Amendment by leading a push to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the landmark women’s rights le..

‘I Should Be Good at This’: Agoraphobic People Are Suffering Through Quarantine With Everyone...

When social distancing guidelines were first introduced in the Pacific Northwest, Phoebe's family thought she would be fine. "I'm super introverted," she said, "I am perfectly happy at home ..

Could Coronavirus Make Telemedicine Abortion the New Normal?

This story was produced in partnership with The Fuller Project. Terri first realized she was pregnant in late March. She was isolating at home with her boyfriend in rural upstate New York, where she ..

Our Relationship Was Always Easy, COVID-19 Made It Hard

The best relationships are easy. That’s been my advice to close friends who have come to me in the midst of fights with their significant others. It always infuriates them. Yes, relationships take tim..

How Women Are Rethinking Motherhood During the Pandemic

This Mother's Day will look a lot different from what we've come to expect. For most people, there won't be large gatherings of family or casual hugs exchanged. Right now, it seems, kee..

We’re All Drinking Alone Now

For Melissa, a 29 year old resident of Tampa, happy hours look much different now: They’re more frequent, start earlier, and she’s often alone. While she rarely drank at home without company before th..

Motherhood Through the Looking ‘Gram

“The biggest day on the internet ever,” at least according to Jumperoo62, a commenter on the British gossip forum, took place last November. The rabbit hole of a site where 53,000-plus mem..

How to Save Your Marriage in Quarantine

They weren’t even going to take the cruise—they were too busy. But at the last minute, Katherine Codekas and her husband Matthew Smith decided since they had already bought the tickets, they’d make th..

The Unique Horror of Zoom First Dates

From the virus that brought you tie-dye sweatsuits, #WFH posts, and a stimulus check that barely covers the cost of existing, a new quarantine phenomenon has emerged from the shadows of the room you h..

Aline Kominsky-Crumb Invented the Hot Mess

Decades before Fleabag snogged a priest, before a Snuggie-wrapped Liz Lemon dined on night cheese, and before Lena Dunham sat naked in a bathtub eating a cupcake on Girls, Aline Kominsky-Crumb was bri..

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Miley Cyrus’s Boyfriend, Cody Simpson, Shares Rare, Honest Update on Their Relationship

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