COVID-19 Is Making Everybody’s Cyberchondria Worse

About two months ago, my dad began to experience a series of strange neurological symptoms. He regularly felt pain radiate up and down his right arm, and occasionally into his neck and jaw. Sometimes ..

My Husband Thought I Was a Virgin When We Got Married. I’m Not So...

On my sixteenth birthday, my father gave me a ring. It was Black Hills Gold. A yellow band with a heart made of flimsy pink and green gold leaves. This was my purity ring, the ring given to me to repr..

When the Entanglement Ends

Two years ago, while I was in Vermont for a yoga teacher training, I had my first threesome with a married, cis-het, white couple. I found them on Tinder, as you do. My profile was simple. Me backstag..

My Parents Grieved When I Came Out. Finally, I Understand Why.

The first time I cried during the pandemic, I was sitting on my future in-laws’ white couch in their Manhattan apartment. My fiancé and I were watching the movie about the guy who realizes the Beatles..

The Profound Loneliness of a Quarantine Miscarriage

As the COVID-19 crisis continues and health care practitioners attempt to divert non-essential traffic to local hospitals and clinics, U.S. residents are finding themselves up against increased hardsh..

Eating Goldenrod Like My Father

I was born in Indiana, in a village so remote our closest neighbors grew popcorn. After my birth, in a snowstorm that closed interstates, my father rented a monster truck and drove across the fields t..

The Biggest Risk I Take Is Loving the Black Men in My Life

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not even playing the lottery,” my father Jerry P. Jackson said to my startled ears. It was the beginning of social isolation in March and he was taking every precaution a..

Jennifer Carroll Foy Wants to Be the First Black Woman Governor in America

In January, Jennifer Carroll Foy helped end nearly 50 years of inaction on the Equal Rights Amendment by leading a push to make Virginia the final state needed to ratify the landmark women’s rights le..

‘I Should Be Good at This’: Agoraphobic People Are Suffering Through Quarantine With Everyone...

When social distancing guidelines were first introduced in the Pacific Northwest, Phoebe's family thought she would be fine. "I'm super introverted," she said, "I am perfectly happy at home ..

Could Coronavirus Make Telemedicine Abortion the New Normal?

This story was produced in partnership with The Fuller Project. Terri first realized she was pregnant in late March. She was isolating at home with her boyfriend in rural upstate New York, where she ..

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