Are You In The Right Headspace To See A Picture of Timothée Chalamet That...

Timothée Chalamet is hot, like too hot. With his tousled hair, perfectly symmetrical face, and jawline carved by Michelangelo himself—it's no wonder fans can't help but fawn over the heartth..

Introducing the Most Luxurious Spa Day Taking Place This May

Introducing Restore by Harper's BAZAAR, a spa day reimagined and curated by BAZAAR's editors. Restore brings together the best doctors, skin experts, anti-aging treatments, and beauty servic..

We Wanted the Album, Rihanna Gave Us Mascara Instead

We're only a few days into the new year and Rihanna has already announced her latest gift to fans. Sadly, it's not her long-awaited R9 album—it's mascara. Nevertheless, we are very than..

Are Male Celebrities Trying to Ruin Their Hotness With Bad Hair? ‘Cuz It’s Not...

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably...Brad Pitt. The Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood star and genetic experiment in perfection has done the remarkable. He’s taken a hai..

7 Life Lessons From Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen is here to help you find peace and incredibly nourished skin—don’t those sorta go hand in hand??—in 2020. The supermodel, activist, and new face of Dior’s skincare line Capture Totale,..

The Fine Art of Fishtail Braiding

We all know the French braid, the waterfall braid, and the dutch braid, but have you tried the fishtail braid yet? It's the super easy and trendy hairstyle that looks a lot harder than it actuall..

Here’s Where to Donate Your Unused Beauty Products Ahead of the New Year

A new decade is arriving and with it comes the question: Do I really need six cooling face masks in my nightstand? As 2019 winds to a close and 2020 resolutions loom, it's the ideal time to clean..

Six Waterfall Braid Ideas Worth Chasing

We're entering a whole new decade, which means it’s time to risk it all—and try something new like a waterfall braid. The waterfall braid, aka the cool cousin to the traditional French braid, is ..

Tiffany & Co’s New Fragrances Smell Like a Sexy Walk Through the Woods

The allure of a woodsy, crisp men’s fragrance has long held a cool-girl mystique. It’s the oversized Oxford shirt of scent. That’s what makes both the men’s and women’s fragrances in Tiffany & Co.’s n..

Why Does Every It-Girl Have Lord Farquaad’s Haircut?

“I need a haircut,” is something I say frequently. I’ll blurt it out to friends and strangers alike. I bring it up in conversations, even when it's completely irrelevant. "Cut it short!" they urg..

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