I Only Want to Wear Passion Twists This Summer

Box braids will always be the crown jewel of protective styles, but with new techniques being birthed at light-speed, the black girl staple is quickly fading to the background while buzzier new styles..

Grab Coffee And a Morning Styling Session With Tan France

"I wake up with a camera crew every day, but I can’t remember which one you guys are—it’s ELLE, right?" Tan France, Queer Eye's resident fashion guru, quips first thing in the morning. Sans coffe..

Do I Need Daily SPF? How Do I Get Rid of My Gel Manicure?...

Chances are your beauty routine is going through some changes. Self-isolation has thrown every appointment with a hair stylist, manicurist, and dermatologist into disarray. But what do you do when you..

In Good Times and Bad, These $12 Shampoo Bars Bring Me So Much Joy

Lately, I've been all about small joys. With not much on the calendar to look forward to—living that #SocialDistancing life—I've succumbed to padding around my apartment, focusing on what in..

6 Helpful Beauty Tutorials for Indoors, the Only Place We Go Now

If you ever wanted to become a beauty influencer, the time is now. Sure, the market is crowded with influencers, YouTubers, and those dreaded beauty editors, but with time on your hands, ask yourself,..

Please Put These TikTok Makeup Charcuterie Boards in a Museum

Homebound and craving comfort, we're all turning to any peace of mind we can salvage, wherever the source. Well, when your Netflix queue has emptied and your patience for puzzles waned, let me in..

#AskMeAnything With Huda Kattan

"I almost feel like the people who are the most confident probably don't need a following," Huda Kattan, a beauty mogul with 42 million Instagram followers and nearly 4 million YouTube subscriber..

How To Win Best Hair at Your Next Zoom Meeting

Your social schedule is packed. You've got a Zoom meeting with your boss at noon, a happy hour with your friends at six, and a possible virtual dinner date on Friday and Saturday night. While we ..

Wellness Experts on Their Best Self-Care Tips for Feeling More in Control

My eyes widen in fear every time I scroll on Twitter and read the newest coronavirus-related headlines—so I turn to Instagram. It's business as usual on the app—an influencer's sponsored pos..

Huda Kattan Is Finally Comfortable In Her Skin

“So you really want to know [what I’ve had done]?” says Huda Kattan through a shy smile. I do—and I’m guessing her 43 million Instagram followers and 3.8 million YouTube subscribers are also curious. ..

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