Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

The primary difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner is that a heat pump can provide heat, but an air conditioner cannot. So, a heat pump can both heat and cool a home. However, there are..

A Replacement for Your Google Home Mini Reportedly in the Works

The Google Home Mini is probably the single reason that Google has had so much success over the past two years in competing with Amazon’s Alexa. At an original starting price point of $49, countless d..

Samsung Wins Today With Their Green Bubble GIFs

The color of a bubble is a thing of great importance to iPhone owners and their iMessage I’ve been told 3-4 times in the past week by a handful of publications. Apparently, if you participate in a gro..

Poweramp Still Going Strong, Releases V3.0 With New Audio Engine and Google Assistant Support

Poweramp is still doing well, even if it seems like everyone and their mother is on a music streaming service these days. According to Poweramp, that’s just a “western” thing. Anyway, version 3.0 of t..

Google Play’s Big Visual Refresh is Official

Opening Google Play today might blind you and that’s because the all-white new visual refresh is here, officially. We told you last week that this was finally re-rolling out for the 4th time and today..

Google Extends Life of Classic Hangouts to June 2020 for Some

We know that Google Hangouts will die one day and that most of us will have the opportunity to transition over to something else, possibly Google’s Hangouts Chat. Today, though, the death of classic H..

Google is Killing Another Messaging App…Feature…Something You Never Used

Two years ago, because Google is the best at messaging and most definitely has a clear direction for its messaging plans, the company released a new messaging feature within YouTube. This may come as ..

Out There Sequel, Oceans of Time, Set to Launch in 2020

If you have followed us for a few years, you may have heard me talk about a game called Out There from time to time. It’s an amazing game, simply because I love space and the replayability factor is o..

Waze Gets YouTube Music Integration, Because That’s Important

We’re still waiting for YouTube Music to become a usable app over Google Play Music, meanwhile I’ve fully switched over to Spotify, but Google’s other music streaming service just received support ins..

DEAL: Smart Camera With Facial Recognition and Alexa Support, Down to $25 ($35 Off...

Smart cameras and smart security cameras with facial recognition are all the rage right now, but if you’ve been shopping for one, you’ll know that they can be very expensive. Nest’s cheapest option is..

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