Yep, OnePlus 8 Will Have 120Hz Fluid Display

As one of the first to upgrade an AMOLED to a higher refresh rate, OnePlus certainly deserves some credit for the push in 2019 to 90Hz displays by other phone makers. In 2020, they are going to go a s..

Braun Audio Announces Comeback, Unveils Highly Priced Smart Speakers With Google Assistant at CES

If you thought Braun was a name that only dabbled in toothbrushes and shavers, you’d be wrong! Don’t worry, I didn’t know Braun has a rich history in the audio game either, so we’re learning all of th..

OnePlus May Have Landed Verizon as Next Carrier Partner

The next phone from OnePlus is expected to be called OnePlus 8 and I think it’s safe to say that we would be surprised if T-Mobile wasn’t a carrier partner for it. T-Mobile has joined OnePlus for a co..

Hey Google, Maybe Stick to Just Mid-Range Phones?

We were asked recently in our Q&A Sessions if Pixel phones from Google still matter. While I said “Yes,” even the Google fanboy inside of me can admit that they’re becoming less worthy of your money, ..

Podcast: Hello 2020, Our New Friend

Welcome to 2020! On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re catching up after an end-of-year break by diving headfirst into CES, the January Android patch, and when the Galaxy S11 (S20?) will be a..

OnePlus Could Tell Us About 120Hz Displays Next Week

I can’t wait for phones to start rolling out this year because I think we are about to blow right past 90Hz before it can become standard in displays and see everyone flip to 120Hz. Rumors/hints sugge..

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Up to $285 Off for Some Reason

It’s not Black Friday and it’s not a holiday shopping season, but the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are at some of their lowest prices ever today at Amazon. I don’t know why and I’m also not about to complai..

Fossil Sport at One of Its Best Prices Ever Today: $99

Fossil just got done announcing a bunch of new color options for the Fossil Sport, but if you don’t mind the original colors, you can get them at a substantial discount today. How does $99 sound? The..

Verizon Expects 5G Phones to Drop Below $600 This Year

The first 5G phones arrived throughout last year, almost all of which were only available with a steep premium over their non-5G counterparts. That was sort of expected, as is the case with any new an..

Virgin Mobile is Shutting Down, Customers Being Moved to Boost

Virgin Mobile USA is shutting down soon and customers of the service will be moved to Boost Mobile starting in February, a freshly posted support site indicates. Some Virgin Mobile customers were noti..

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