10 Best No-Bake Summer Desserts


During the summer months, I find myself with two problems:

1. When my sweet tooth strikes suddenly, but it’s a zillion degrees outside, turning on the oven is honestly the last thing I want to do. So my desire to munch on all the sweets in the world continues on, and I get a little…cranky.

2. When I’ve been invited to a party or I decide to host a party and I need a scrumptious dessert, but it’s a zillion degrees outside.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? If they do, I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the solution to both problems: no-bake summer desserts!

I’ve picked a variety of desserts from our site that range from creamy cheesecakes to cookies to pudding. You craving something fruity? We’ve got a no bake dessert for that! Is your inner chocoholic going wild and crazy? We’ve got a no bake dessert for that, too. Want a sweet treat for breakfast? Yes, a sweet treat for breakfast…

It’s summer and time to let loose a little! Now your only problem should be which dessert to make first.

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