12 Recipes to Preserve Your Garden Bounty


    If you are lucky enough to have an overabundance of garden produce, you may be wondering what to do with it all. Please know you can always drop it off at my house!

    My childhood best friend had a huge garden and I have fond memories of picking tomatoes off the vine and eating them right then and there. I’m sure I ate more than my fair share on those long summer days. There was always more than enough and gardens have a way of giving, giving, and giving.

    If you’ve had your fill of salads, then I’m here to help. You can hold onto the flavors of summer all year long by following a couple of tips and making the most of these preservation recipes below.

    • Give yourself as much time as possible to preserve your garden haul by keeping produce fresh for as long as possible.
    • Allow the garden to shine in a variety of ways by canning, freezing and preserving each vegetable at the peak of freshness.

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