19 Halloween Nail Art Designs to Recreate at Home


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Although we can't celebrate Halloween like usual this year, nothing is getting in the way of our festive and spooky manicures. Whether you're at home eating candy corn on the couch or dressed up at a socially distant gathering, these nail art designs will help you celebrate fall's most fun holiday, no matter the occasion. From creepy spider webs to bloody vampires, here are 19 Halloween manicures to recreate at home.

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Horror movie buffs would kill for this murderer-themed mani. Paint your favorite big screen menace onto sharp stiletto nails for a terrifying Halloween treat.

Design by @fingerbangportland

Bloody Massacre

Carrie, is that you?! If you're dressing up as the blood-drenched teen queen, match your costume to your nails with this ruby red set. To create this look, use a foil base with red glass gel for a slick and sinister finish.

Design by @asabree

Charlotte's Web

Spinning this web may look difficult, but this nail design is all about simple white lines. Apply a glittery base coat then use a thin brush to create the web effect. Want some extra pop? Add a rhinestone to the center.

Design by @naominailsnyc

Nail in the Coffin

Coffin nails, literally. Carefully shape your nails with a nail file, then apply a matte black nail polish. Wait for the polish to dry, then add gold accents and lines. Finish off with a clear top coat.

Design by @nail_unistella

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos face paint has been used to death, so why not try it as a nail design? Start with a white matte base color and use a detail brush to create tiny skeletons and flowers.

Design by @lenareitz

The Omen

Black cats are bad luck, but your nails should be safe. Apply a nude base coat and wait to dry. Using a black polish, paint half moons on the side of your nail. Go in with a detail brush to paint ears, whiskers, and eyes.

Design by @lenareitz

Back Stabber

If nails could kill! Paint sharp silver knives onto clear stiletto nails for a murder-worthy mani. Bonus points if you wield your own costume knife.

Design by @nailsbymei

Werewolf Rising

Patiently awaiting the next full moon? From waxing crescent to waning gibbous, the phases of the moon manicure will count down the days until you transform into a Werewolf.

Design by @aliciatnails

Simple Half Moons

For chic and understated Halloween nails, try this minimalist half moon manicure. Not only will it look appropriate for the holiday, but also for the start of November.

Design by @theeditorialnail

Marble Ghost

Create a ghostly apparition on your nails using the marbling technique. Lean into the Halloween theme with a pumpkin orange base color.

Design by @jinsoon

Chic Candy Corn

Candy corn, but make it fashion. Using traditional candy corn colors, paint abstract lines and graphic shapes for a festive yet chic nail look.

Design by @paintboxnails

More is More

Go all in with your nail art and create a different design for each finger. From extraterrestrial aliens to scary skeletons, the possibilities are endless.

Design by @hannahroxit

Haunted Half Moons

A spooky twist on the half moon manicure. Use negative space to create ghost shapes and a ballpoint nail tool for detailing.

Design by @cassmariebeauty

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Channel Tim Burton and the iconic Beetlejuice suit with black and white stripes. The pattern can be overwhelming, so try it as an accent nail on the ring and pointer fingers.

Design by @nataliepavloskinails

Gradient Pumpkin

Ombre manis are still alive and well in 2020, so why not try the trend for Halloween? Use pastel colors for a softer effect.

Design by @troudelapin

Trick or Treat

Halloween's favorite candy is also your new favorite nail design. File your nails with an almond shape and create a gradient to mimic candy corn.

Design by @coyarose

Halloween Night

For nail artists with serious painting skills, try this spooky and detailed design featuring cobwebs and candles. If you're a beginner, you may want to enlist some help from a professional.

Design by @coyarose

Monsters Inc.

Blink and you'll miss this subtle monster nail design. Eyeballs and sharp teeth are hidden among abstract shapes and bright colors for an optical illusion effect.

Design by @cassmariebeauty

Sea Siren

Embrace your inner mermaid with this glittery mani. Start with a shiny teal polish and create scales by painting small half circles.

Design by @hannahroxit

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