Burberry Further Commits to Sustainability with a Cool, New Collection


    The coronavirus isn’t the only concern affecting society on a global scale. The deterioration of the earth’s atmosphere and landfill waste have long been a problem, and it is only until recently that industries have taken notice—fashion being one of them.

    Brands slowly but surely enacted programs that seek to overturn the systemic issues surrounding man-made pollution. Burberry, however, was a relatively early adopter of environmentally sound practices, making sustainability its core mission in 2004 and issuing a responsibility strategy several years later. Its recent show at London Fashion Week was also carbon neutral.

    Today, the British label is building upon this ethos with the launch of ReBurberry Edit, a selection of 26 styles from its spring 2020 collection made from sustainable materials. It includes a range of capes, parkas, trench coats, eyewear, and accessories created from scraps, industrial plastics, and other recycled materials or natural fibers. The line also features pistachio-colored tags informing consumers that items are environmentally up to snuff and are constructed in facilities that compensate workers fairly.

    “At the half-way point of our responsibility strategy to 2022, we remain dedicated to delivering tangible progress against our social and environmental targets, and our holistic, product-focused sustainability programs are central to this,” said Pam Batty, vice president of corporate responsibility at Burberry, in a statement. “By inviting customers to learn more about the sustainable credentials of our products through our labelling program, we are helping them to better understand our initiatives and the breadth of the ambition of our responsibility agenda.”

    Nowadays, the masses are better informed of the adverse effects that fashion has on the environment. This is why they are looking for transparency in the way items are produced and assembled. And with initiatives like ReBurberry Edit, Burberry is checking all the boxes, giving shoppers more incentive to not only invest in its collections but into buying sustainable products in general.

    As Batty concluded, “We strongly believe that driving positive change through all of our products at every stage of the value chain is crucial to building a more sustainable future for our whole industry.”

    From: Harper's BAZAAR US

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