Camp Shirts Are the Only Button-Ups You Need in 2020


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    Besides saving the USPS, there is only one thing I care about right now: camp collar shirts. Already popular on the menswear scene, the Hawaiian/cabana shirt hybrid has finally crossed over to the masses. The open collar style, known as a Cuban collar, was born from '50s leisurewear. But in true 2020 form, it's gotten a lot more chaotic. Sure, there are beautiful embroidered knit iterations akin to what Baby's dad wore in Dirty Dancing, but the ones I'm most interested would fit in perfectly in Guy Fieri's closet. And I mean that as a compliment.

    Every designer is participating in the trend lending it both high and low appeal. Prada's split shirts are an fashion-crowd favorite, Bode's handmade styles have a cult following, and various streetwear brands' versions have prompted fans to collect them en masse. Camp shirts are the upper body answer to Patagonia baggies, and not safe from being memed. The style's overt tackiness is what makes them so great to experiment with, whether you use them as a beach coverup or introduce them into your WFH uniform. They come in pretty much ever pattern—zebra stripes, patchwork florals, and even a billiards scene. They're nonsense, and we love it. Prepare to be addicted.

    Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 Tobacco Flag Patchwork Shirt Bode $598.00 SHOP NOW

    Bode's latest collection is so good it literally keeps me up at night. Harry Styles, who also keeps me up at night, wore a custom lace style in his 'Watermelon Sugar' video, but I'm flagging this shirt as my current fave.

    2 'Rocket Lobster' Cabana Tombolo $128.00 SHOP NOW

    Tombolo's cheeky designs range from terrycloth to a sold-out style adorned with a swirl of spaghetti. Yes to everything this brand does.

    3 Yellow Flowers Van Hajo Shirt Daily Paper x Van Gogh Museum €145.00 SHOP NOW

    Nothing says "I took Art History 101" quite like this masterpiece.

    4 Les Coquillages Satin Shirt Casablanca €600.00 SHOP NOW

    If you envision yourself on a yacht in the near future, make sure you pack a Casablanca shirt. No one does silky styles quite like this label. They recently launched womenswear, but there's nothing stopping you from wearing both collections.

    5 Copacabana Silk Shirt Casablanca €500.00 SHOP NOW

    Seriously, this brand is so good I'm including two of their shirts. Take a dip in this one.

    6 Hibiscus-Print Cuban-Collar Shirt Wales Bonner $480.00 SHOP NOW

    A modern interpretation of the classic Hawaiian print shirt.

    7 Custom Fit Collage Camp Shirt Polo Ralph Lauren $168.00 SHOP NOW

    We love the sports.

    8 ‘50s Guayabera Short Sleeve Shirt Urban Outfitters $34.00 SHOP NOW

    This affordable number will make you feel like dirty dancing.

    9 Zebra Print Shirt Sacai $387.00 SHOP NOW

    Get loud with this wild shirt that just so happens to be on sale.

    10 Hawaiian Patchwork Shirt Amiri $790.00 SHOP NOW

    If you can't decide on any one aloha print, try them all with Amiri.

    11 Button-Down Shirt John Elliott $358.00 SHOP NOW

    You deserve more than a pocket full of daisies.

    12 Cotton Print Shirt Toga Virilis $271.00 SHOP NOW

    This shirt reminds us of something the platonic best friend in a '90s teen film would wear.

    13 Pool Hall Shirt Stussy $135.00 SHOP NOW

    Perfect for a dive bar—or playing poker online.

    14 Camp-Collar Printed Crepe Shirt Kapital $490.00 SHOP NOW

    For the summer goths.

    15 Double Match Cotton Shirt Prada $1,200.00 SHOP NOW

    We can't talk about camp shirts without including an iconic, split Prada shirt.

    16 Psychedelic Flyer-Print Cotton Shirt Loewe Paula's Ibiza $590.00 SHOP NOW

    A shirt that's inspires trippin'—in more ways than one.

    17 Couch Surf Crew Double Rainbouu $179.00 SHOP NOW

    Double Rainbouu is known for its zany camp shirts, but we love the brand's new knit direction.

    18 Aloeuw Silk Shirt Pierre Louis Mascia €269.00 SHOP NOW

    A shirt that will make you feel like a sleezy nightclub owner, and you're going to love it.

    19 Open Energy Shirt Palace $128.00 SHOP NOW

    The urge to dress like a snotty 12-year-old boy is growing stronger.

    20 Ambush Dekotora Print Shirt Ambush $701.00 SHOP NOW

    This night scene will make everyone do a double take.

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