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Meghan Markle Used Pinterest to Plan Her Wedding Makeup

Meghan Markle's wedding day makeup will go down as one of the most iconic beauty moments of our generation. Okay, that's really dramatic. But, you and the 1.9 billion who watched the televis..

Harry Josh Just Launched Travel-Sized Hair Tools (and They’re On Sale!)

What is it about miniature beauty products that makes me want to squeal with joy? From bite-sized Beautyblenders to tiny Tom Ford lipsticks, I hoard these little guys like I'm at risk of shrinkin..

Here’s What You Should Do With Your Hair This Fall

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Millie Bobby Brown Is Launching Her Own Beauty Brand

Honest Beauty. Goop Beauty. Kylie Skin. Kora Organics. It seems like the list of celebrity-founded beauty brands grows longer and longer each week, and Millie Bobby Brown is joining the squad with her..

41 Professional Makeup Artists Pick the Best Brushes of All Time

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Here’s Exactly What Makeup Normani Is Wearing In the ‘Motivation’ Music Video

Legend has it that if you watch Normani's new video "Motivation" three times in a row, you're acne will be cured, you'll receive 500 years of good luck and knees as strong as Megan Thee..

11 K-Beauty Sheet Masks for Every Skincare Issue You Can Think Of

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Watch Jasmine Sanders Do an All-Drugstore Makeup Routine

Welcome to another episode of Beauty Haul, where we challenge contestants to both shop ($150 budget!) and apply a full face of makeup in less than 30 minutes. Today's contestant Jasmine Sanders, ..

18 Best Under Eye Masks for Puffiness, Dark Circles, and Wrinkles

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