Pets Are Eating Our Sex Toys and Nobody Is Talking About It

At a recent housewarming party, I overheard a table of women casually complaining about the frequency with which their household pets have destroyed their sex toys. The tone was disturbingly nonchalan..

We Regret to Inform You There’s Now a Sex Toy Shaped Like a New...

Hey...just a heads up. Design firm Wolfgang & Hite has debuted a saucy line of pleasure products based on buildings in New York City's new $25 billion Hudson Yards complex, including ribbed butt ..

I Was Warned About Postpartum Depression. My Postpartum Anxiety Shocked Me.

The routine was this: Tom dropped the baby off at a daycare in downtown Manhattan on his way to work. At 3 o’clock, I picked the baby up and took him back home to Brooklyn. Except, on my end, it never..

Could Messy Bedrooms Make Instagram Good Again?

Last week Marie Kondo, the woman who taught us all to throw things away that don’t spark joy, announced that she was starting a Goop-like lifestyle site that would sell—wait for it—things for our home..

This Routine Gyno Procedure Could Mean You Never Orgasm Again

When she tries to remember the feeling, she thinks of Drew*, a grad student with golden hair she dated in her mid-20s. He’d bound down the stairs to her basement apartment carrying tiny chocolate frog..

This Dating App Hides Your Match’s Face Until After You Talk to Them

Tired of superficial swipe culture? There's an app for that. Unlike Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder, brand new online dating service S'More (which stands for "something more") prioritizes conversa..

Yearning to Be a Parent But Scared of Climate Change? Try These Baby Alternatives

Evolution has been mostly great for humans. It got us to stand upright, pinch things between our thumbs and forefingers, and develop life-sustaining tools like those scalp massager things you get at t..

I Went to a Hypnotist to Try to Stop Peeing So Much

“Can pee; will pee” has been something of my unofficial personal motto for as long as I’ve been potty trained. Ever since diapers stopped being an essential part of my ‘OOTD,' my everyday routine..

A Curator Boyfriend is the Hottest Accessory for 2020

With JLaw’s nuptials to art-world cutie Cooke Maroney behind her, and the recent announcement of Jenny Slate’s engagement to Ben Shattuck, a new boyfriend paradigm has emerged, inspiring us all to spe..

Ask E. Jean: How Do I Cope With Rejection?

Dear E. Jean: What’s the best way to move past rejection, whether it’s job rejection or romantic rejection? The conventional wisdom is to remain resolute and “try, try again,” but I’ve been doing that..

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