Craigslist Now has an Official Android App, Beta Download Available


Craigslist is one of those sites that will likely be on the internet forever, given people will probably always have stuff they need to sell and hopeless romantics will always need a place to post their missed connections.

Should you need your Craigslist fix while on the go, there is now an official app in beta testing, which is quite shocking considering the sheer volume of 3rd-party apps that have been available and the fact that having an official app would have been pretty cool about 10 years ago.

Anyway, just like the desktop version, you can browse listings in whatever category you want, you can save favorites, post new listings, and also browse different areas that CL is available. The one major issue beta users appear to have is the fact that in order to sign into your Craigslist account, it appears you need to link your profile to a Google account, too.

If you love the Craigslist, join the beta and download the app by following the link below.

Google Play Beta Link

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