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What is the best way to clean a bunch of gritty mushrooms? Can you rinse them in the sink? SHOULD you rinse them in the sink? You have questions, we have answers!

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READER QUESTION: Can you wash mushrooms? Some say wipe with a damp cloth but mushrooms are so dirty it seems smart to rinse.

If they’re fairly dry and clean, then a damp paper towel will do the job. But if, as you say, they are really dirty, then YES! You can definitely wash them.

Here’s what to do: Put the mushrooms in a strainer or colander in your sink and rinse them with water. You can pick them up and rub any stubborn bits off with your hands. Once you’re done, lay the mushrooms out on a clean kitchen towel and pat them dry before cooking.

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There’s a bit of a kitchen myth that if you wash mushrooms, they’ll absorb water and become waterlogged. As long as you’re just giving them a quick rinse and not letting the mushrooms soak, you don’t need to worry about this.

Hope that helps! Enjoy your delicious mushroom feast!

~ Emma, Editor-in-Chief and avid fan of all things mushroom


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