Dordogne is a gorgeous narrative adventure about childhood summers with grandma


Developer Un Je Ne Sais Quoi has offered a first look a Dordogne, an absolutely beautiful narrative adventure about long forgotten childhood summers that's due to arrive on Switch and PC some time next year.

As the game begins, 32-year-old Mimi returns to Dordogne, and the home of her recently deceased grandmother, where she begins to reflect on the summers of her youth. "In this colourful region, full of wonderful scents and feelings," says Un Je Ne Sais Quoi, "Mimi will immerse herself back into her childhood memories, and see once again through the eyes of the little girl who marvelled at everything."

What follows is an adventure split across two timelines; in the present, Mimi will explore her grandmother's home, rifling through souvenirs and solving puzzles, while in the past, ten-year-old Mimi will face her own challenges, from forest walks and climbing to kayaking and cave explorations. "We hope that these slices of life, from the most trivial to the most symbolic, can make you remember your own positive childhood memories", says Un Je Ne Sais Quoi.

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Along the way, players can gather photos, sounds, objects, and words and use their creativity to combine them into their very own journal that's unique to each play-through. "A truly symbolic object of a high sentimental value," explains the developer, "it reflects Mimi's adventures and memories of Dordogne, and the connection she shares with her grandmother".

From the description alone, it all sounds thoroughly delightful – but Dordogne is something else entirely in motion, its sublime watercolour visual style (Un Je Ne Sais Quoi is led by Cannes Award-winning animation director Cedric Babouche) infusing even more warmth and life into the already picturesque French landscape.

There's still some time to go before Dordogne arrives on Switch and Steam next year, but, until then, you can marvel at its delicate good looks, and get a taste of its relaxed puzzling, in the extended announcement trailer above.

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