Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 55


We’re sorry it’s been so long since our last Q&A Session. We promise to do better going forward. However, this has given you all plenty of time to think of new questions, whether it concern the new phones that have hit the market or anything else that’s happening in the world of Android phones and tech.

If you’re unfamiliar, these Q&A Sessions are your chance to ask us, the DL staff, whatever might be on your mind concerning Android. Are you on the fence about getting the new Note 10? Should you wait for the Pixel 4 lineup? Will the SF Giants make the Wild Card? We can discuss anything with you, even if it’s not tech/Android-related. We’re here to help and have fun.

Shoot any questions you have down below in the comments, and then after a few days, we’ll round them up and post our answers.


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