OnePlus Could Tell Us About 120Hz Displays Next Week


OnePlus 7T

I can’t wait for phones to start rolling out this year because I think we are about to blow right past 90Hz before it can become standard in displays and see everyone flip to 120Hz. Rumors/hints suggest Samsung is going to do it with the Galaxy S11 (or S20), we know Qualcomm is bringing full support for higher refresh rates in the Snapdragon 865, and now OnePlus is hinting that it might join the party before long.

After showcasing their first concept phone this week at CES, invites sent to Chinese press point to some sort of reveal related to OnePlus phones and their displays.

The invite for the January 13 event can be seen below, which Google Translate recognizes as saying a “new perspective” and that this is a “2020 screen technology communication meeting.” While this could mean hidden cameras under displays, I’m not quite sure that technology is ready. Plus, 120Hz appears to be so close to being used by everyone that I can’t imagine what else it would be.

OnePlus 120Hz Display

120Hz is going to be awesome, folks. 90Hz also provides an excellent viewing experience over the 60Hz we had for years, but 120Hz is another level that our eyes will thank us for throughout every minute of the day. Shit is going to be so smooth. Assuming all of the companies contemplating 120Hz have figured out battery drain, oh boy, this is going to get good.

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