Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is $250 Off


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I have no idea if BTS is a big deal in the US, but since Samsung is selling the special edition BTS Galay S20+ here, they must think a few fans are around. To those fans, your deal has arrived. The Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is $250 off for the next couple of hours.

This version, for those who missed the previous announcement, is just a Galaxy S20+ with a special coat of purple paint, heart logo in the camera housing, and the BTS logo down low by the Samsung branding. It may have a special UI skin and icons too, as well as wallpapers that represent your favorite K-Pop group.

At $250 off, it now retails with 128GB storage for $999.99. The deal has around 13 hours left at the time of this posting. If I’m calculating time correctly, it should end around midnight tonight (Pacific).

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