Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: December Week 1


This month, please welcome back Aaron Hutcherson and his meal plans! Aaron is a regular contributor here on Simply Recipes and the blogger behind The Hungry Hutch.

You made it through Thanksgiving — congratulations! I spent the holiday with my family in my hometown of Chicago, which wrapped up what felt like a year of near-constant travel. Now, I’m glad to be back home so that I can sleep in my own bed for a little while (until I’m hopping on another plane for Christmas and New Year’s).

With all of the traveling I’ve been doing—and having cooked a feast for the small army that is my family just last week—it’s no coincidence that “easy” is in the title of a couple of this week’s recipes. (And the adjective could be applied to the rest of them too!) From chicken parm to sloppy joes to breakfast for dinner, this week’s recipes are full of flavor without wearing you out in the kitchen.

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