Skywind’s back – and Morrowind has never looked better


Skywind is back with a new video – and Morrowind looks better than ever.

Skywind, perhaps the most ambitious mod in development right now, recreats Bethesda's much-loved 2002 role-playing game Morrowind in the newer Skyrim engine. It's a mammoth undertaking, and the group of modders behind the project have been working on it for years now.

The video, below, is a developer video series and a call to arms for help from volunteers who may be able to push Skywind over the finish line.

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What's remarkable is the amount of work that's already gone into Skywind, and the video really hammers home the effort. If I didn't know it related to a mod project, I'd think the video was a professional developer diary.

The last time we heard or saw something out of Skywind was back in August 2019, when the mod team released the gameplay video, below. The modders even attended Gamescom to promote the project.

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Skywind aims to bring modern graphics and assets, with full voice acting, to Morrowind. You need both Morrowind and Skyrim to play, but when Skywind eventually comes out you'll be playing using the Skyrim engine. This means the user interface, combat and graphics are based on those of Skyrim, not Morrowind. You'll be able to use fast-travel and quest markers, too, because they come with the Skyrim engine. However, if you're looking for an authentic Morrowind experience, you can play without them.

There's no release window for Skywind yet, but it's good to know it's still trucking along. I wonder whether it'll launch before The Elder Scrolls 6?

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