Sony pulls Super Mario from Dreams after Nintendo complaint


Sony has pulled a popular Super Mario character model from PlayStation 4 game Dreams after a complaint from Nintendo.

As spotted by GoNintendo, Dreams creator PieceOfCraft took to Twitter to reveal "Mario projects in Dreams are on hold" after their Super Mario, used by many user-generated Super Mario levels, was pulled offline.

PieceOfCraft went on to say they received an email from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe that stated Nintendo had objected to their use of the Super Mario intellectual property in Dreams.

PieceOfCraft said they can no longer edit the original creation, which is flagged as removed because it contains copyrighted material, and other Dreams players will not be able to find or use it. "It's kinda like a slap on the wrist," they said.

Nintendo's action doesn't come as a huge surprise, given the company's record when it comes to taking down unofficial Nintendo IP-related content. But it highlights an issue Dreams inevitably runs up against: the game is packed with content from non-Sony intellectual property, from rival video games to movies to cartoon characters. Sony's moderators will be busy, then.

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At the time of publication, Dreams creations that use PieceOfCraft's Super Mario remain online. Super Mario 64 HD, by Dreams player Yoru Tamashi, for example, is alive and kicking with 11,394 plays. Super Mario Infinity [Demo], by SilverDragon-x-, is also up with 72,549 plays.

As for PieceOfCraft, it sounds like they have a plan B of some kind.

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