The Android 11 Easter Egg


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In the new Android 11 Beta 3 build that Google just released, the final beta before we reach stable, they updated the Easter egg. After continuing to show the Easter egg from Android 10 through all of these builds, we finally get to turn it up to 11.

To access it, like all Android Easter eggs, you head into Settings>About phone>Android version and then tap on “Android version” a few times. That will take you into a new screen where you’ll get to play with a new dial. Grabbing the white knob and rotating it up at the proper pace will show you a cat logo at the bottom, which will then let you rotate once more until it shows an 11.

Give it a try!

UPDATE: It looks like the Easter egg goes a bit further than just the dial and turns into some sort of a cat game once you see that cat icon appear.

Here's what doing the easter egg enables. Credits: anoop_V1 on Telegram.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) August 6, 2020

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