The Best Sex Toys for Couples Looking to Spice It Up


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If you're new to buying sex toys, consider this a Sex Toy Purchasing 101 course. Lisa Finn, a sex educator and brand manager of Babeland, offered her expertise in the area to help find the perfect toy for you and your partner.

Like to any other big purchase, finding the perfect starter toy is all about quality. “Make sure that the toy is constructed with body-safe materials—like silicone, ABS plastic, steel, etc.— and that the motor is well-made and won't give in on you two months in,” says Finn. “Reputable sex toy vendors will also provide a warranty with their products since most shops (for obvious hygienic reasons) don't accept returns or exchanges.”

Finn also adds that if something looks intimidating to you, that is not the toy you want. “You want a toy that you’ll feel comfortable grabbing off your nightstand, and you’ll want to allow yourself to relax while using it,” explains Finn.

Lastly, if you're nervous, try and talk with an expert. Chances are you're near a reputable sex shop like Babeland, Pure Pleasure, or Good Vibes (all woman-founded!) and can go inside and get the answers you need. They’ll have displays of products out on the shelves for you to feel in your hands, and their staff is open to answering any questions you may have about the products and how they work in a non-judgemental, sex-positive environment. Both Babeland and Good Vibes offer a variety of free in-store workshops and classes as well. There are so many sizes, shapes, and styles of toy that knowing exactly what you want it to do is the best place to start. Ahead, the best sex toys for couples that also work for solo play.

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First thing's first: you need to figure out what turns you on physically. “If you like penetration, try a dildo," says Finn. "If you prefer pinpoint clitoral stimulation, grab a bullet vibrator. If you’re interested in exploring the G-Spot- a curved toy might be for you, but if you want clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time, a rabbit would be the ultimate choice.”

For Absolute Beginners Babeland Dahlia Babeland $89.00 SHOP NOW

“A bonus to getting a penetrative toy is that it can always be used externally as well,” explains Finn. “The Dahlia, which has a divot at the head perfect for hugging the head of the clit.”

For Absolute Beginners We-Vibe Wand Vibrator We-Vibe $179.00 SHOP NOW

Wand-style vibrators are great options as well, as they tend to offer a lot of power and are super versatile to use. “Though mainly hailed for use on the clitoris, wands can be used anywhere externally on the body, from nipples to along the labia or on the shaft of a penis, or even the rim of the anus,” says Finn. “Plus, if it doesn’t work for you sexually, they were originally marketed as back massagers, and still do a great job at that, too.”

For Couples Looking For A Good Time

Finn wants us all to remember that sex toys are there as tools to enhance play. When looking for a toy with a partner, it should start with a conversation. “Similarly, with how you pick a toy for yourself, talk about what kinds of stimulation you like, as well as fantasy that you'd like to explore together using a sex toy,” says Finn.

For Couples We-Vibe Sync We-Vibe $199.00 SHOP NOW

​If you're looking to add something new to your penetrative play, the We-Vibe Sync is a great option. "It's a flexible toy that can be worn during penetration to stimulate the clit and G-spot with vibration, and will vibrate against the shaft (or fingers) during penetrative play," says Finn. "Plus, it's remote and/or App-controlled, so you can also use this toy for a little bit of foreplay fun or long-distance play."

For Couples Je Joue Mio Je Joue $109.00 SHOP NOW

"A vibrating cock ring is a great option for this too, especially one with a low, rumbly motor like the Je Joue Mio,"says Finn. "Those deep, penetrating vibrations can feel amazing for the wearer, and add in a whole new sensation for the receiver as well!"

Kookie International Essential Blindfold Kookie International $36.00 SHOP NOW

For a sensation that's not vibration, try out some kink items. "Impact toys can add in a fresh dynamic of power-play so you can experiment with dominance or submission, or you can try a simple blindfold to add in some mystery and anticipation, and help heighten other senses by taking away the sense of sight," says Finn.

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