The One Sweater I Wear To All My Zoom Meetings


    My days in self-isolation go as such:

    • Wake up and immediately check my phone in panic. (Read the slacks I've missed, New York Times push updates, emails from my mom portending the end of humanity as we know it.)
    • Make coffee and refuse to turn on the news while my fiancé takes care of all the responsibilities of the house
    • Tune into the Barry's Bootcamp Instagram Live while I sit in my sweatpants on the couch.
    • Do my job as I watch The Office and stare in awe as they all touch their faces while sitting so close together.
    • And now, the reason we are all here: Put on the same sweater I wear every single day of my isolated life and jump on a Zoom meeting.

    Allow me to gush about my sweater, the O-Ring zipper turtleneck from & Other Stories. She's my best friend in quarantine. I’m about 11 days away from giving her a name. Tom Hanks’s character in Castaway and his friend Wilson seem much less crazy now.

    Here's why she's perfect in every way.

    Wool Blend O-Ring Zipper Turtleneck $89.00 SHOP NOW

    She’s professional.

    I always worry that I don’t look put together when I’m Zooming with my boss or esteemed colleagues. I need the world to know I’m a lady, not someone who cries into Nutella while spiraling at night. A muted wool sweater tells the world I’m as responsible and independent as the lead character in a Nancy Meyers movie.

    She conceals all.

    I’m a woman of leisure. I haven’t worn a bra since before everything went down, and there is no way I’m about to start now. I can wear nothing, my pajama top, even a bikini under this pullover, and no one can tell.

    The zipper is fun!

    When I pitched this story to our Senior Market Editor, she said “Is that what you were wearing while you messed with the zipper during the entire pitch meeting?” Yes.

    It’s warm but breathable.

    It feels a bit outlandish to be wearing a wool sweater during the middle of spring, but here we are ladies and gentlefolk. Live a little!

    The truth is…

    I look great in it. You probably will too. We have to take the wins where we can these days and right now is not the time to be humble.

    So if you’re looking for one glorious sweater for all your virtual meetings, this & Other Stories number comes highly reviewed by yours truly. Or you can try a few other zippered styles below.

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