These latest Fortnite glitches almost guarantee a win


Two new glitches have popped up in Fortnite – one is making players invisible, and the other permits the players to break the sky boundary, escaping not only enemy fire but damage from the circle, too.

As demonstrated by livestreamer LazarBeam (thanks, Slashgear), players that hide in a cardboard box and crouch whilst aiming the harpoon gun will remain invisible to opposing players.

Interestingly you can't use any other firearm – they'll be visible even if you're not – and canny players have already learned to be cautious of open cardboard boxes.

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But wait – there's more! As Tom reported a little while back, for the first time in a year, Fortnite recently adding a new aerial vehicle. This time around, it's helicopters – which are squad sized and come without any weaponry attached – though passengers can hang from the side and fire.

It's this new vehicle that's at the heart of another exploit. Further on in the same video, LazarBeam also shows how a grapple gun and a helicopter can help you avoid all – yes, all – damage from opposing players, as well as that from the circle. With a pal at your side to guide the 'copter, you can use the grapple gun to glitch the Choppa through the boundary usually in place, lifting you high above the world – and circle – below, essentially guaranteeing a win.

It's unclear when the exploits will be patched, as at the time of writing, neither issue has been identified on Epic's public Trello board.

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