Trolls World Tour Arrives Today for Streaming


Trolls World Tour Digital Rental

Another movie that should have made a long theater run has arrived on digital for you to stream from your own home. Trolls World Tour is here and available on all of your favorite platforms, including Google Play, Amazon Prime, and more.

The latest Trolls movie joins Emma, The Invisible Man, and most recently, Onward, as titles that should have spent time at the box office before making their way to streaming platforms. But during this time with the world distancing, some movie companies are choosing to release them immediately, which we have greatly appreciated. Other movie companies are simply delaying releases until they can show their films back in theaters.

For Trolls World Tour, this is only a rental and not an actual purchase. It’ll cost you $19.99 at most places and only be available for a short time once you rent and start watching it.

You all renting or nah?

TROLLS WORLD TOUR: Amazon | Google Play

Are you ready for the #TrollsWatchParty and World Premiere happening tomorrow?! ?

⏰ April 10: 10am PT/1pm ET

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