Tuesday Question: Should Pixel 5 Keep Soli Tech?


Google released the Pixel 4 lineup in October, so we’re officially a few months into the lifecycle of these devices. If you hadn’t noticed, Google hasn’t updated the phone’s software since launch to tap deeper into the Soli radar system that is onboard. At the time of this writing, you can still only use Motion Sense for skipping songs and silencing interruptions. Seems like a waste, right?

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Now, the underlying Soli system does more than just power song skipping gestures, but to take you back even further, remind yourself by checking out this post as to why people were so excited to have Soli built into a consumer device.

Soli has a ton of potential for controlling a device without ever needing to touch it, and honestly, Google doesn’t appear to be tapping into that whatsoever. Is it too much work? Would the user experience simply not be that great? I’m fine with either answer, but because Google lacks transparency on issues of this matter, all Pixel 4 owners have right now is a gimmicky radar that solely recognizes a hand being waved in front of it. If Google doesn’t plan to use it for anything else, I’m completely fine with it being excluded from the future Pixel 5 devices and going back to a less prominent forehead.

My question to you Pixel fans is, should Google keep Soli for the Pixel 5 or just move on after having provided what’s essentially a proof of concept.

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