Ubisoft details today’s big Splinter-Cell-themed Ghost Recon Breakpoint update


Ghost Recon Breakpoint's previously teased Splinter Cell crossover, Deep State, is out today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and Ubisoft has offered up new details (plus a first proper trailer) for the benefit of those curious to know more.

Deep State is the campaign component of Breakpoint's new Episode 2 content update, and follows on from last year's Operation Greenstone. "Start your Deep State adventure by following the trail to Holt in Erewhon," says Ubisoft, "After gaining intel from him, dive deeper into the conspiracy and unravel the pieces, even meet up with some old friends along the way. "

Ubisoft promises stealth-focussed gameplay and 10 Splinter-Cell-themed rewards (including Echelon goggles and a Sam Fisher figure) for those that work their way through Deep State's narrative, with the first story arc mission being free to all Breakpoint players.

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The complete experience features a total of eight story missions, said to amount to over seven hours of new content, but can only be accessed by purchasing the full Deep State Adventure (available for 1,900 Ghost Coins) or Breakpoint's Year 1 Pass.

Year 1 Pass holders also get instant early access to Breakpoint's two new classes, which will be made available to all players in one week's time.

There's the new stealth-focussed Echelon class, which comes equipped with Sonar Vision and a Shock Pistol, plus the new Engineer class. The latter has access to a Defensive Drone, able to attack nearby enemies, and a Supply Drone, providing allies with an extra magazine. Both classes also have a number of passive skills, as detailed in Ubisoft's official breakdown.

Rounding out Episode 2's additions are new PvP features, including fresh rewards, map voting, and four new maps: Stoney Creek, Freight Yard, Forgotten Valley, and Construction Site.

All this arrives alongside Ghost Recon Breakpoint's previously detailed "Immersive Mode" update, which promises to dramatically overhaul the much-maligned core game.

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