‘We’ve Grown Up Together’: Watch the Girlfriends Cast Reunion as the Sitcom Comes to Netflix


This pandemic is bringing a lot of heartache with it, but it's also bringing candid celebrity interviews and cast reunions. It's pretty great to see the cast members of your favorite old shows getting together, drinking wine and cocktails on Zoom, and chatting from their living rooms. Celebrities actually are just like us right now.

The cast of Girlfriends, the CBS show that ran from 2000 to 2008, got together (digitally) to celebrate the fact that as of September 11, the show's 20th anniversary, it is available to stream on Netflix.

Over Labor Day weekend, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks, and Persia White hopped on a call, via Entertainment Tonight, to talk about their time together on the show, their relationships with each other now, their hair and orthodontic phases, and so much more.

"We've grown up together the four of us, ya know?," Golden Brooks said to the rest of the cast. "We've…come into our own. And I have had so many moments with each and every one of you that I can say, 'That made me a better person, because of Tracee, Persia, Jill.'"

Pretty early into the call, the cast chatted about what Ross calls "the hair journey on Girlfriends," and being on a TV show while wearing braces. "People don't realize that me, Golden, and Persia had braces…at the same time," Jones said. "The clear kind, but you could still see something's off with your mouth."

Ross chimed in: "All of you had bangs and braces at the same time."

On a more serious note, the cast discussed how their show, centered on the lives of Black women, made a difference in the larger pop-culture conversation:

"I don't have to walk around saying, 'I am a woman of color.' I am a woman of color, so it doesn't have to be every joke out of my mouth. It is who I am and I think the way the show deals with it is so refreshing."

You can watch the whole 27-plus-minute reunion here:

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