Yep, OnePlus 8 Will Have 120Hz Fluid Display



As one of the first to upgrade an AMOLED to a higher refresh rate, OnePlus certainly deserves some credit for the push in 2019 to 90Hz displays by other phone makers. In 2020, they are going to go a step beyond by helping usher in the era of 120Hz displays and an ever smoother experience.

The upcoming event we told you about last week from OnePlus that hinted at a breakthrough in display technology happened this morning and the company did indeed announce that for 2020, they’ll give us a 120Hz refresh rate in a display. Not only that, but we’ll get better brightness, improved color accuracy, and MEMC for video playback.

In a post on the company’s community forum, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau discussed their new 120Hz “Fluid Display” for 2020. Lau noted first that it is another Samsung OLED, has peak brightness of more than 1,000 nits, and uses MEMC to help up the framerates of video to play at 60 or 120fps like a TV would. That might mean motion smoothing or that fun soap opera look that you either love or hate on your TV, so hopefully OnePlus will let us turn that off if we want.

Finally, for the super display nerds, this new OnePlus panel supports 10-bit color and has a 0.8 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference) rating, which will lead to an even truer-to-life color experience. More accurate color should help a lot for those who do a lot of photo editing on phone or want the confidence in their screen to know that what they are seeing on-display is correct.

All of these improvements added another 30 seconds on the production line, OnePlus said. I’m fine with whatever it added, because this display is probably going to look incredible.

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