Beyoncé Skipped the Golden Globes Red Carpet and Shared Her Own Outfit Photos


Beyoncé and Jay-Z arrived late to the Golden Globes, after the ceremony had started and the red carpet had closed. But don't think for a second that Beyoncé, queen of the #outfitoftheday shot, did not have ample, excellent photos of herself in her gold and black dress taken that night. The singer posted them on her Instagram this morning.

She did one better than a step and repeat: She had a sunset shot and the perfect mirror selfie to which the rest of us amateurs can only aspire. Her outfit also had secret sheer black gloves that Bey did not wear during the broadcast. She looks great; Jay-Z did too; and really, who needs to do a crowded red carpet when you're Beyoncé, have your own top-tier photographer, and 137 million people following you on Instagram?

Of course, Beyoncé's biggest headline-making moment during the Globes was her decision to not stand up and applaud when Joaquin Phoenix was announced the winner of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his work as the Joker in Joker. Phoenix winning was a surprise choice given the divisiveness of the film and role, which gave a sympathetic, gritty portrayal of a killer comic book villain that didn't sit well with many…including Beyoncé, it seems.

The camera caught her seated while most of the audience was giving him a standing ovation. Viewers, like Twitter's Sam Stryker, took notice and posted about it on social media, and media outlets picked up the story. Bey has said nothing more about the moment nor does she need to. Her message was clear.

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