Camila Cabello Is the Cutest Girlfriend at Shawn Mendes’ Concert


Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes haven’t been exactly shy about showing off their relationship, but the couple took it to the next level during one of Mendes’ concerts in Brooklyn on Friday night. Cabello was at the show at Barclays Center and was seen dancing in the crowd, and Mendes even dedicated a song to his “mami” and pointed her out to make sure everyone knew who he was referring to.

“Camila came out a little more than halfway through Shawn’s concert at the back of the floor on a raised platform,” a source told Us Weekly. “When Shawn introduced his song ‘Fallin’ All in You,’ he ended with, ‘This one is for my mami!’ and he pointed to Camila.”

Cabello took advantage of the moment and interacted with Mendes as he sang to her.

“She was with a male friend throwing her hands up in the air when he started playing. She was wearing one of his bracelets that was glowing as she was dancing,” the source added. “Halfway through the song, she got down on her knees and was looking lovingly at the stage and stayed there until the end when she jumped up and down and screamed and pointed. He was looking directly at her.”

Cabello has been attending many of Mendes’ concerts as he’s been on tour, including one in her hometown of Miami where she brought her parents and little sister. Mendes and Cabello are scheduled to perform their song “Senorita” together during the VMAs on Monday night, the song that sparked their relationship earlier this summer. If their recent interactions are any indication of how that performance will go, it’s sure to be full of their usual P.D.A.

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