Harry From Too Hot To Handle Already Won A Reality Dating Show in 2018


Spoilers for Netflix's Too Hot to Handle below.

If you're here, you've probably already indulged in the bingeable trainwreck known as Netflix's Too Hot To Handle. The show's insane premise predicates on ten attractive, commitment-phobic singles not engaging in "heavy petting" of any kind in exchange for a $100,000 prize. For every kiss or hookup, money is deducted from the pot for the entire group. One of the first people to break the rules in the house: 23-year-old contestant Harry Jowsey.

On Too Hot To Handle, Jowsey made up one half of a chaotic coupling with contestant Francesca Farago. It was a match made in reality TV heaven: she a Vancouver-based Instagram model, he an Australian with a clothing company named Naughty Possums. From the start, Jowsey and Farago racked up costly infractions, from a blow job with a $6,000 price tag to a $20,000 deduction for sexual intercourse. Twitter reactions about the pair's penalties poured in, but the couple ultimately earned back $32,000 after spending one hands-free tonight together.

In the end, all the singles split the money and walked away from the bizarre experience as winners. But thanks to some internet sleuthing, we know this wasn't Jowsey's first time winning a reality dating show. According to RealityTidbit, Jowsey previously won $100,000 after appearing on the New Zealand reality show Heartbreak Island in 2018. The show involved a series of couples and challenges in a tropical location. (Sound familiar?) Jowsey split the prize money with his girlfriend and fellow contestant Georgia Bryers.

Unfortunately, Bryers and Jowsey split six months after filming. Jowsey told The Sun their breakup hinged on his social media interactions with other "little butter chickens." He explained, "Georgia didn't appreciate girls commenting on my Instagram pics. We drifted apart." Still to be determined: what Harry spent his double dose of reality TV winnings on.

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