Here’s How Gypsy Rose Reacted to Joey King’s Emmy Nomination for ‘The Act’


Wondering how Gypsy Rose feels about Joey King getting nominated for a Emmy Award for playing her in The Act? Not great. Gypsy’s spokesperson Fancy Macelli allegedly told TMZ that while Gypsy congratulates Joey for—to quote the outlet—“nailing the role and mastering her look, voice, and mannerisms,” she’s zero percent interested in meeting the actress because of how inaccurate she felt Hulu’s limited series was. She also believes that meeting with Joey would “validate the series’ narrative.”

According to Macelli (via TMZ), Gypsy’s taking issue with several of The Act’splot points—including the repeated sex scenes in the series being “dramatized to make her seem like a nymphomaniac” as well as how frequently her mom Dee Dee was shown tying her up in bed (it only happened once in real life).

Apparently, Gypsy—who’s currently in prison for the second-degree murder of her mother—just wants to put The Act behind her and has nothing to gain from meeting Joey. Meanwhile, Joey seems thrilled about her recent Emmy nomination and hit Instagram to share a super-emotional video of herself breaking down into tears upon hearing her name read out as the nominations were announced.

From: Cosmopolitan US

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