How To Look Your Virtual Best, According To Celebrity Makeup Artists


The year is 2020. All human interaction is conducted online, meaning you date on FaceTime, get drinks with friends on Houseparty, and talk business with your boss on Zoom. But what is the beauty beat of the digital age? That's where the experts come into play. Celebrity makeup artists Alexx Mayo (Lizzo's right-hand man, hold your applause), Allan Avendaño (you've seen his work on Chrissy Teigen and Camila Cabello, to name drop a few), and Francesca Angelina Brazz (artist to both Dua Lipa and Gabrielle Union, okay!) all created makeup looks for virtual interaction in the times of social distancing. From fluffed brows to a red lip for FaceTime date night, below are a few looks to try right now. You've got the time. (I know I did.)

The Zoom Meeting with your boss

The "Is That Cara Delevinge on My Zoom?" Look

"Anytime you're in a hurry and need to pull it together I always think a good brow is always a good place to start, " explains Mayo. "Milk Makeup makes a great brow gel that adds realistic fibers to your brows to boost them up without precision."


Next, Mayo recommends "perking the skin up" with a bit of moisturizer added to your foundation for a custom tinted moisturizer effect. And don't finish with powder, you'll look more radiant with that natural glow.

Mayo is also a fan of using one product a bunch of different ways. "I like to use the Nudestix Nudie Blush and swipe it over cheeks and blend in with finger tips and take a bit on the eyelids and dab on the lips for a pretty soft monochromatic glow," says Mayo. "Finish with a bit of mascara and VOILA you're ready to be seen and heard on that conference call."

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The Natural Queen of Zoom Beauty Beat

"I think any sort of FaceTime or Zoom situation calls for looking alive and the basics will do" says Avendaño. "A couple coats of groomed and filled in brows, a couple of coats of mascara, concealer (I think a full face of foundation would be unnecessary but you do you boo!), blush, and a tinted lip balm, gloss or a natural toned lipstick is perfect. Anything bold would be distracting (but again, you do you boo!)."

Avendaño adds a very pro tip: If you want your boss to think you're working nonstop and have no time, do less. "If you're too pretty, he'll think you're spending the entire day having a makeup party at home," explains Avendaño.

Zoom in On The Lashes and Lips Look

"Accentuate your features in minutes by curling your lashes and using a thickening mascara," says Brazzo. "Apply a lip balm to plump the lips with a natural lipstick." Brazzo is also into multipurpose products and recommends using a lipstick on your cheeks for a subtle healthy blush.

Two smokey eyes, two glasses of wine

Happy Hour on Houseparty

Eye-Catching Drinks

It's all about the eyes for a happy hour or girl's night, according to Avendaño. "Add a cat eye or rim the waterline with a black kohl liner," he says. "Forget the lips because you'll be drinking!"

Brazzo joins in the eye-focused look to craft your own smokey eye. "Using a soft eye pencil to smudge around the eye is a super quick and effective smokey eye for those Happy hour drinks with the girls," she says. "You can play with different colored pencils to mix it up."

FaceTime Date

The Unsmudged Red Lip

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Word to the wise: bold red lips always look great on camera. Since there's no chance of a kiss on this date, you can risk it all with a crimson shade. Both Brazzo and Avendaño say go red and go bold.

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