How To Win Best Hair at Your Next Zoom Meeting


Your social schedule is packed. You've got a Zoom meeting with your boss at noon, a happy hour with your friends at six, and a possible virtual dinner date on Friday and Saturday night. While we all work and live from home indefinitely, video calls are becoming the norm for any and all human interaction. "We're all cyber girls now!" explains celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins, who has worked with the likes of Elizabeth Olsen, Rowan Blanchard, and Laura Harrier, before social distancing."The point is, we're all connecting through apps like FaceTime and Zoom, and while your pajamas may be covered in Wheat Thin crumbs, there's no reason why your hair shouldn't look good for your friends and coworkers."

Below, Hawkins broke down a few tips and tricks to try out before your next Zoom gathering. And the award for Best Hair on FaceTime goes to…

Got Roots?

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"If you're not ready to embrace your inner Mrs. Claus, there are tons of root sprays," explains Hawkins. "I suggest leaning towards the darker side when picking out your color because nobody wants a lighter root. When it arrives, just spray on your roots and you'll be salon worthy color in a minute." His personal pick is Rita Hazan's Touch-up Gray Coverage.

And if you need an instant fix that no one will notice, use any eye shadow you have on deck that's close to your color and apply generously to your roots. Hawkins also wants to make sure you do not, we repeat, you do not, grab a box of dye. "When this is all said and done and you are back in your hairstylist's chair, you will thank me," adds Hawkins.

Focus on the Front

Party and business in the front! "When you're ZOOMin through life, its all about the front, so pull that mane to the front and werk," explains Hawkins. "Find some old clip-in extensions that you wore once but never figured out how to put in yourself and clip them in all in the front, don't worry about how the back looks. As long as the hair on the sides of your head are covering the tracks, you're in the clear!"

You only need to focus on the 180 degree view, which makes you a master stylist."Wave your real hair with the clips using any iron of your choice and tell your friends and coworkers those gummy vitamins really started to kick in," adds Hawkins.

Sleep-in Braids

Chances are your napping has rapidly increased since you've been self-isolating. "Why not braid your damp hair and let nature do the styling while you fall off into slumber?" asks Hawkins. "When you wake up or your hair is dry, un-plait your hair and rake through with your fingers (Don't brush em out, y'all!) for effortless, easy breezy waves! Living inside never looked so stunning!"

Secretly Deep Condition

"Much like dogs are thriving during this cultural shift, your hair can to!" says Hawkins. "You now have all the time in the world to do those deep conditioning masks you've been putting off. "

Simply apply whatever conditioner or treatment you have and pull your hair up into a sleek knot. Your hair will be impossibly easy to style with the conditioner in it and you will have zero fly aways. Shine on!

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