Lili Reinhart Shares That Her Dog, Milo, Had Emergency Surgery After ‘Horrifying’ Dog Attack


On Friday afternoon, Lili Reinhart shared on her Instagram stories that her dog, Milo, had been attacked by another dog.

"So, this is weird for me and I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing it but I guess for all the people out there who care about my little dog, Milo, I was taking him out today to get some exercise—I had a mask and gloves on, so don’t start with me about that—but he was attacked by another dog," Reinhart said.

"And it was pretty bad," she added. "So I had to rush him to the animal hospital, and he’s there now getting surgery."

Reinhart looked visibly upset as she told the story.

"He has a pretty deep wound on his neck," the Riverdale actress continued. "And God, it was just a very, like, horrifying experience. I’ll keep you guys updated on how he’s doing, but keep him in your thoughts, please. Thanks, guys."

On Saturday, Reinhart posted an update on her dog's condition: "Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me about Milo. It was an outpouring of love, and that was so incredibly sweet and kind. He's OK, he's home with me. He had a big wound on his head, so part of his head is shaved, and he has a little puncture wound right here as well," she said, rubbing her hand along her neck.

She added that he is healing and that she hopes his recovery is quick: "I can honestly say it was the most terrifying thing i've ever experienced. I keep having flashbacks of that entire situation and how traumatizing it was for him and me. I just hope that he heals really well and that he's not terrified of other dogs from now on. We're probably gonna have to work on that, but truly thank you for everyone who reached out about his wellbeing. He's doing surprisingly well and being a little extra cuddly right now, which is very sweet, but I'm watching his every move and taking good care of him."

May the cuddles continue for Milo as he heals.

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