Now is the Time to Become a Bath Person


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My name is Margaux Anbouba, I'm a diehard bath person, and this is my story. My bath style is equal parts Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman—zoning out while listening to music on her headphones—and Tony Montana in Scarface—sans the yelling, screaming, and life of crime… with more of a swagger surrounded by bubbles. Currently, I'm ending every single day with a soak in my tiny New York City bathroom tub.
The rationale behind my obsession is a 2018 study that found immersing yourself in warm water for just 10 minutes not only improves mental health, but also helps in relieving pain. I'm so obsessed that my friends call me a "bath witch" because I concoct potions, salts, and essential oils nightly, depending on my mood. When I'm feeling under the weather, I'll grab eucalyptus and lavender, and when I want an instant mood boost, an effervescent bath bomb with citrus does the trick. If I want to make things a little PG-13? I'll grab the sexy Le Labo Santal 33 bath salts I stole from my Gramercy Park hotel room to set the mood.

My daily ritual means I've had a chance to try every bath-related product on the market. Bath bombs, oils, bubbles, and salts, all spiked with essential oils, are critical to the perfect soak, and below I've chosen some of my favorites for your dip in the tub tonight. Yes, you can trust my pruney little fingers.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1 For A Super-Chill Bath Botanical Bath Salts VERTLY $29.00 SHOP NOW

Stress got you down? May we suggest CBD. Vertly's CBD-infused bath salts are also packed with lavender to instantly relaxes the body and mind and arnica flower that works to soothe tired muscles.

2 For A Sexy Soak Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil REN Clean Skincare $48.00 SHOP NOW

Pour a capful of this rose oil into the bath and feel it bloom—the scent is gorgeous and uplifting (rose essential oil helps relieve stress and centers your heart chakra). Even better: When you emerge from the water the oil clings to your skin for long lasting hydration and aromatherapy.

3 For A Deep Detox J.R. Watkins DETOX Bath Elixir J.R. Watkins $14.99 SHOP NOW

Step one: Drink a huge glass of water. Step two: Put down your phone. Step three: Climb into this detoxifying bath. Ginger, witch hazel, and chamomile essential oils help to clear both your body and mind—twenty minutes later you'll feel completely restored.

4 For A Sickness Soak NURSE! Under the Weather Bath Soak goop Beauty $35.00 SHOP NOW

This is the grown up version of the bath your parents used to give you when you felt sick. As the water swirls with eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary essential oils (plus and Maunka honey!) you'll feel a wave of relief wash over you.

5 For A Bedtime Bath Melatonin Sleep Soak Dr Teal's $16.95 SHOP NOW

For the deepest sleep ever, this lavender and chamomile epsom salt blend is upgraded with trusty ingredient melatonin. Pro tip: Set your PJs out ahead of time, because you're going to be ready for bed.

6 For An Awakening Aroma Flight $7.95 SHOP NOW

The neon shades of this bath bomb aren't the only thing that will pump you up. Mood-enhancing red mandarin and bergamot combine with earthy geranium oil to brighten your day. Plus, the effervescent bubbles produced as the bath bomb melts would put a smile on anybody's face.

7 For A Floral Moment Restorative Floral Bath needle supply company $112.50 SHOP NOW

Try this bath milk (a milk can be more nurturing than an oil and doesn't leave your tub slippery) and for the ultimate earthing experience without ever leaving your tub. Essential oils from plumeria, jasmine, vetiver, and cedarwood smell like the most beautiful bouquet—and CBD adds an extra relaxing benefit.

8 Bonus: Essential Oils For the Shower Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection Aromatherapy Associates $60.00 SHOP NOW

Surprise! You can get all the benefits of aromatherapy while you're in the shower, too. This flight of 10 oils has a blend for every occasion—deep relaxation, decongestion, or to revive your body and mind—just disperse near to (but not directly beneath) the stream of your shower head.

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