Please Tell Me Where I Can Buy All of Lady Gaga’s VMAs Masks


If history is any indicator, Lady Gaga takes each year's MTV Video Music Awards as a personal challenge to assemble the most ridiculous ensemble she can come up with. (Remember the meat dress? Is it possible to forget?) But nothing—nothing—could've prepared us for how the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent face mask mandate would force the superstar to up her fashion game. Naturally, the "Rain On Me" singer refused to disappoint. Her multiple looks at the 2020 VMAs made me question why I've settled for a boring navy mask when I could be wearing, I dunno, a space helmet? Horns?!

Gaga always manages to remind us to live a bit louder, a bit bolder, even in the midst of a year as chaotic and clouded as 2020. She puts safety first, even during a live, dance-heavy vocal medley that lasted well over eight minutes. Maybe if the rest of the world took wearing a mask as seriously as Stefani Germanotta, we wouldn't be watching coronavirus cases spike across the United States. Honestly, I'd rather we all take up wearing Gaga's first look of the night—a fishbowl on her head—than, y'know, just not wear masks at all.

"Be kind. Mask up!" the star told the VMAs audience. Fighting back tears, I nodded and said, "I will, Lady Gaga. I will." But first I have to buy these masks. Surely her stylist has an Etsy shop?

I call this look Ms. Roboto.
In this get-up, Davy Jones chic meets a Texas Longhorns look in a lovely green frock.
I would just like to state for the record that I’d absolutely go to space with Lady Gaga. Even if I doubt that fishbowl helmet’s NASA-approved.
A robot princess in fishnets.
We call this deep-sea rainbow fish couture.
And then the queen brings it home with a simple—but no less bold—sequin face mask. Surely this one I can find on Amazon?
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