See the New Breaking Bad Movie Trailer


Breaking Bad fans rejoice! The trailer for the upcoming Netflix film, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie has officially dropped and will tackle what’s happened since the series ended back in 2013.

Aaron Paul, who will reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman in the movie, tweeted on Saturday night: “I guess there is a movie happening after all? Didn’t realize I could talk about it. I guess I can. Thanks New York Times for blowing up this ‘secret.’” He later responded to a fan adding, “Vince [Gilligan] absolutely crushed this thing on the page and on film. Thrilled for the world to finally see this piece of cinema history.”

This will be the second spin-off of sorts for Breaking Bad. Two years after the original series went off the air, Better Call Saul premiered, following Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman’s shady law practice six years before he came into contact with Walter White.

The film’s trailer reveals that police are on the hunt for Jesse Pinkman after the show’s series finale where Pinkman was last seen driving off in an El Camino. It’s unclear, however, if Brian Cranston, whose character Walter White died in the finale (oh, spoiler), will be making any appearances in the film. Everyone does love a good flashback after all.

Fans won’t have to wait long to find out though. Along with the trailer, Netflix also announced that the film will be streaming on October 11.

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