Singer Charlotte Lawrence’s Style Approach? Just Be Chill


    If you haven't heard the name Charlotte Lawrence, you've probably heard Charlotte Lawrence. Her 2018 EP YOUNG has been streamed millions of times and "Falling Skies", the YUNGBLOOD track on which she's featured, was a sonic highlight of 13 Reasons Why’ssecond season.

    Lawrence's latest single, the dreamy "God Must Be doing Cocaine" was released in November and she plans to debut her first full-length album in the new year.

    But the model-turned-singer knows that perhaps you have only seen her. At 19, she's a fashion week regular and her friendship with Kaia Gerber is tracked by eagle-eyed fans on Instagram where Charlotte has 731K followers. She hopes the future album will put some distance between her and a strictly "social media star" label.

    We met Charlotte at Aspen's historic Hotel Jerome. In between ski runs and dog sledding the burgeoning alt-rock powerhouse zipped into looks from Chanel's Ephemeral pop-up boutique (open now through January 21). The Los Angeleno has a fondness for the maison that she attributes to her mother, veteran TV actress Christa Miller (Charlotte's dad is writer, producer, and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence).

    "When I was younger [my mom] had this Chanel pearl necklace," Charlotte recalls. "She told me that my birthstone was a pearl. I was like, 'A pearl is me! All I want to do is wear pearls.'" She frequently stole the necklace until one tragic afternoon: "I wore it under my elementary school uniform. We had to run a mile in P.E. and it broke. There were pearls everywhere. It was so bad."

    Running in pearls is exactly the blue-hair-don't-care energy Lawrence brings to getting dressed.

    How would you describe your style?

    It varies. On a normal day, you'll see me in sweat shorts, sweatpants that I cut above the knee and make into shorts. They're so heinous but so comfortable. I love boots and rings. I'm a big, chunky ring girl. I have these ripped RE/DONE jeans. RE/DONE is my favorite jean company. And I'm obsessed with vintage rock T-shirts. The rarer they are, the more obsessed I am.

    Where do you usually shop for your vintage tees?

    I’ve got a guy. His name is Rick and he’s fucking great. The last time I saw him was in New York. He came to my apartment with like three huge duffle bags of T-shirts in sizes for me, my mom, and my guy friend. It's dangerous. We were all grabbing the best ones.

    So you were competing with your mom?

    One hundred percent. We got in a huge fight. She got a Who shirt that I'd grabbed first. I saw her trying it on and was like ‘What are you doing?! Don't do that!'

    How do you approach your performance looks?

    It depends on the night. I'm all about interesting bottoms—cool pants, weird skirts. I idolize Mick Jagger's style on stage. I went to a Stones concert and he had like eight wardrobe changes. He had hangers of his clothes on stage. It varied from like leather pants and shirtless to a full black, glittery jumpsuit. He was just legendary.

    Who else's style are you currently loving?

    Jonah Hill. Best street style of all time. My favorite account on Instagram is called Jonah Fits. Why do you think I dyed my hair pink? He was out in New York with neon pink hair, a tie-dye shirt, and sweat shorts and I was like, "That's my style. That's what I'm going to wear now." And I did.

    Your hair used to be pink—what inspired the blue?

    I was bored. My whole thing is that you're only young once. I'm not going to be like carrying my kid with [blue hair]. Also, once you have it bleached, it's easy to just change color, so right when the pink faded, I was like, blue. I don't know what I'm going to do next.

    What's the most questionable item in your wardrobe?

    I could make a list. I played varsity basketball throughout high school and still have every single one of my uniforms. Then I went to Coachella three years ago, and I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm going to buy this all-rhinestoned, just-covering-your-nipples top." It's basically just a chain and was probably $15 off of Amazon. I didn't actually wear it. And then there's my ramen merch. I love Top Ramen. My parents and little brothers are really healthy. My section of the pantry is like SpongeBob mac and cheese and ten cases of Top Ramen.

    You and Kaia Gerber are close friends, do you guys share clothes?

    She has the sickest style ever. I'll steal her clothes in a second. She also steals my clothes all the time. We’re very similar. I'm just way lazier than she is.

    Charlotte wears looks from CHANEL Fall-Winter 2019/20 Collection. CHANEL j12 Watch in Black Ceramic and Steel and CHANEL Coco Crush Bracelet & Rings. Selection available at CHANEL, 416 East Cooper Avenue 81611, Aspen, Colorado, 970-544-2077

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