Tiffany & Co’s New Fragrances Smell Like a Sexy Walk Through the Woods


The allure of a woodsy, crisp men’s fragrance has long held a cool-girl mystique. It’s the oversized Oxford shirt of scent. That’s what makes both the men’s and women’s fragrances in Tiffany & Co.’s new Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum duo ($77 – $135) so compelling, regardless of the gender for whom you’re shopping.

They both have bright, woodsy note called blue sequoia that has the fresh, green edge that makes you feel like you've just sucked in a big breath of clean air. While the women’s has pretty white florals and goes a little herbal with blue basil, the men’s doubles down on the woodland inspo with a juniper-cypress element. It’s like a walk through a sexy snowy forest, but you never get cold. We’ve been prone to wearing the latter this fall—maybe it’s the holiday spirit.

Then there’s the Reed Krakoff-designed bottles and the tin can-inspired boxes that feel somewhat Warholian, cloaked in the signature Tiffany blue. "You don't want to throw away the box," advises designer Krakoff, the Chief Artistic Officer of Tiffany & Co. "It was extremely difficult to make. But we figured it out and I think it's just a beautiful object that people will keep as something on their shelf." As for the thick glass bottles, Krakoff took a cue from old apothecary bottles he studied and engraved the notes in a silver collar around the top of what are otherwise very simple blue pillars.

But as heavy as they are, with their weighty magnetic caps, you’d never guess they first started out as paper. “I just tear things up: folders, paper, Xerox paper, printed paper, and color it with a marker like I’m constructing a little sculpture,” says Krakoff. “I always find you get much further if you can actually put something on the table and think about it. That’s the only way, whether I’m doing a handbag or jewelry.” Or in this case, the matching his and hers flacons.

The solo ampersand on the face of each bottle, sans the Tiffany or the Co., is all about, you guessed it, l-o-v-e.

Katie Becker Beauty & Health Director Katie Becker is the Beauty & Health Director of ELLE Magazine.

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