The Cutest Moments From Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s Quarantine Concert Livestream


Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have just hit another (unexpected) milestone in their relationship: They're sheltering in place together during the coronavirus outbreak. The two have been officially together since July 4th last year, which means their relationship is more than eight months old.

During their joint quarantine, the couple passed the time by doing a livestream performance sponsored by Global Citizen and the World Health Organization. The concert, which the duo performed on Instagram Live Friday, featured a four-song set. Live from their social-distancing spot in the jungle, they sang their smash 2019 hit, "Señorita," Mendes's "Lost in Japan," a cover of Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me," and Cabello's "Havana."

"We're gonna sing a few songs today, because social distancing doesn't have to be boring," Cabello said at the start of the concert. "It doesn't. This is a crazy time, and we're all gonna come out of this together. We're gonna pull through, and we're gonna try to connect and make each other smile in the meantime, and so that's what this is for. So we will go flat and sharp. And we will miss a couple harmonies."

With that, the two started off a concert that actually featured some pretty funny moments. Most of these moments had to with Mendes's long hair, about which fans had many opinions. Here are some of the gems from yesterday's (socially distant) concert.

Cabello defended her boyfriend's luscious locks

When someone from Nickelodeon's Instagram account wrote, "What's going on with your hair, Shawn?" Cabello responded quickly with her opinion Mendes's look. "I like it a lot," she said. She also offered an alternate way that quote could be read. "What's going on with your hair, Shawn? Oh my god I like it," she said in a positive tone. When a Shawn Mendes fan account wrote that Mendes's hair looks great, Cabello said, "I am 'Shawn Mendes Updates'—secretly."

When Cabello jokingly called pronounced Ed Sheeran in a new way

When the duo introduced their friend Sheeran's song "My Kiss," Cabello had a bit of fun with the singer's name. "We're gonna start with a cover song by our favorite person in the whole world," Mendes starts. "Teddy Sheron," Cabello says, jokingly. "Didn't we sing this song when we were younger, too?," Cabello asks. "We did," Mendes confirms. "So now we're gonna sing it again. Older but not wiser."

When they adorably break into laughter in the middle of their Ed Sheeran cover

As they sing, the couple stares at each other and start to break smiles. "This is happening because we did that a hundred million times and we're nervous now," Mendes says. "There was no way that wasn't gonna happen." This giggle-fest is far more entertaining and lovely than a straight take of this song, tbh.

When they talked Harry Potter characters

Cabello, a self-professed Game of Thrones fan, makes clear on the livestream that she likes Harry Potter, but she got a little mixed up with some character names. When a fan asked what their favorite characters are from the series, Cabello said, "Luna Lovenangle." Mendes laughed and said, "Luna Lovegood, thank you. Just the wrong word." Mendes added that Ron is his favorite character, but Cabello couldn't let her fumble go. "Just 'cause it's not in my bio, doesn't mean I'm not a fan; I just don't know as much." Then she added that Hagrid is actually her favorite.

Later, a fan asked what Hogwarts houses the pair thinks they're in. Mendes told Cabello she's in Gryffindor, and she said the same for him. Awww. They also revealed they are doing a re-watch of the whole Harry Potter film series. Awww again.

When they hinted at Mendes's new music

"Can I tell them?" Cabello asked Mendes with a sly smile, adding that she's listened to some new music. "Don't hype it up," Mendes said. Cabello came through with the supportive girlfriend encouragement: "I've heard some stuff and it's pretty magical."

When Cabello pretended she didn't know about her and Mendes's famous duet, "Señorita"

"What songs do we sing together? We don't even sing any songs together," Cabello said, adding she's doing that bit because that's what she does at a concert.

Before they sang Señorita, their final song of the set, the couple reminded their fans to take care of themselves during this tough time.

"Guys, before we go, we love you," Mendes said. "We love you so much. We care about everyone. Again, I just want to say be patient with yourself. Please do. Give yourself the patience and love you deserve right now." Cabello added: "As human beings we're really coming together, we really are," she said. "And that's the only way we get through these kinds of things is coming together."

The full livestream is below.

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