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Why Francesca Farago Thinks This Scene With Harry Jowsey Didn’t Make it Into Too Hot to Handle


Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey were two of the stars on Netflix's hit series Too Hot to Handle. They left the show, which was filmed more than a year ago, as a couple, and with the exception of a short break, they are together today. But, like every reality show, THTH left some good stuff on the cutting room floor, especially where Farago and Jowsey are concerned. In a BuzzFeed video, Farago answered all of fans' "burning questions" about the show, including which scene she wishes Neflix hadn't cut.

"The one thing that I was hoping to see was when Harry asked me to be his girlfriend—it was the night we lost the $20,000—but I think we were naked when that happened … [and] obviously they can't air [us being] naked when he was asking me to be his girlfriend," she said. "[I wish that] made it, but it's probably a good thing that it didn't make it."

When Farago refers to the "night [they] lost the 20,000," she means the night she and her boyfriend had sex and cost the whole group a significant portion of their collective $100,000 prize. Sorry for the spoilers, but if you haven't watched at this point, then are you ever really going to watch? The pair was able to win back all the money they lost by spending one night together without having sex.

The pair also cost their co-stars $6,000 when they Farago appeared to give Jowsey a blow job under the covers.

"We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn’t want to be too much about the money…We felt that $20,000 for sex was big enough, but it was those middle ground things that were a big debate. We eventually settled on $6,000 [for oral sex], but I think that was a bit cheap, as well," Viki Kolar told TheWrap.

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