Why Peptides May Be the Secret to Brighter and Tighter-Looking Skin


Everyone has different priorities when it comes to skincare, whether it be to smooth lines or get rid of dark spots. Regardless of what yours are, there’s one versatile ingredient you’ll likely want to add to your routine. In the video above, we give you the lowdown on peptides, a powerhouse ingredient lauded for its anti-aging effects and ability to target different skin concerns.

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Peptides are short chains of amino acids that mimic skin functions like the production of collagen and elastin. When amino acids are added or subtracted from a peptide’s chain, its function completely changes. Because of this, there are peptides galore in existenceone to address almost every skin concern.

For example, take tetrapeptides and hexapeptides, the star ingredients in StriVectin’s Peptight Tightening and Brightening Face Serum. Tetrapeptides leverage four amino acids to visibly tighten skin. Add two more amino acids to its chain and you get hexapeptides, which can help brighten your complexion. Swirled together in Peptight, they are part of a potent, layerable, and lightweight serum.

To start reaping the benefits of peptides, apply the serum after you wash your face (before moisturizing) in the morning and at night. Use a circular motion to gently massage it into your skin until it’s fully absorbed.

Check out the video for more info on peptides and the StriVectin Peptight Tightening and Brightening Face Serum.

From: Harper's BAZAAR US

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